Thursday, July 15, 2010

just being married...

Earlier this week Tanner went to Omaha, NE for our church jr. high mission trip. While he was gone I decided it was time to get a few of my major projects done that I have been meaning to do since before we were even married! I made myself a list and was so excited to finally get things done! On the top of my list was to stencil the back wall in our bedroom. I called my best friend Amanda ( over and we spent the evening stenciling and making pizza. I am really happy with how it turned out!

Of course now I am needing to finish the last few other touches to complete the room---soon to come will be our house pictures! (that is if we ever finish all the rooms!)
I also made Tanner a chocolate chip cheesecake for a little coming home treat. It was my first attempt at that specific recipe and it was definitely a success!

When he got home we had two different date nights to see "Toy Story 3", and "Eclipse"--two movies that i have been wanting to see for a long time! Tanner was not very excited about the new Twilight movie, he just doesn't understand...maybe if he read the books..... and of course we both LOVED Toy Story 3 and since then my favorite stuffed animal from my childhood has been sharing our bed...I don't want it to feel neglected you know??

Yesterday after church Tanner and I spent the afternoon at Cabelas returning a fire pit that we had gotten as a gift over six months ago. We had set it up in our backyard at the beginning of summer with the cover on it and when we took the cover off to use it found it filled with water and rusted out. We called Cabelas and asked if they would replace it even though we had no reciept and it was not in inventory anymore and they ended up graciously exchanging it for a completely different style than before. I was really unsure of the style at first--it was a little too woodsy for me, but now i think it will be fun to have something a little different... what do you think?

(Our actual firepit is black, not the clay color that is shown in the picture)

We just really have fun together..


  1. your bedroom turned out so cute! someday when we live in a home that we are going to paint, i want you to help me do that.

    p.s. the cheesecake looks lovely. and the fire pit is cute. we really wanted a fire pit from our wedding, but we didn't get one. : ( but thats really okay because we would have no place to put it.

  2. I LOVE your bedroom!! You should put pictures up of your whole house and tell about where you found things, and show the paintings you've made! I'm always telling people how amazing your paintings'd be fun to show them off! ;)
    Everything looks great! You're such a good wife! I'm so glad you and Tanner are so happy together! Love you both!!

  3. NO NO NO NO!!! I loooooove your wall! I mean, i might be in love with it! I might be obsessed with it.
    How on earth? Can you please come do this to every wall of our house? It's not big and will probably only take 5 minutes! :)

    And everything in your room matches..... sigh.