What can I say about this little fur ball Veda?
Let's start with the comment Tanner would say right now if he had anything at all to do with this blog.

"It was your idea to get a dog."

Yes, yes, I get it Tanner, I begged, I pleaded, and I just straight up bothered my husband about getting a puppy pretty much from the first day we got married. (did I mention that he is allergic to dogs?)

I went through all of the stages of emotions about this topic, most of them went from
"If you get me a dog I won't complain anymore"
"Come on Tanner, I will give it a bath every day"
"You hate animals, are you going to hate our kids too?"
(crying) "Please can we just get a puppy?"

Really, it was ridiculous, So after all of the begging (which by the way he did get angry about the hating our kids comment) we decided to go to the dog pound. If you have never been there just get ready to bawl your eyes out and take them all home. Really though, it is awful.

So with all that said, I found a puppy there that was losing all of it's hair and possibly foaming at the mouthadorable, and begged Tanner to let us bring it home, to which of course he said, "no, I am allergic to dogs and actually we can't even get one at the pound because of the unknown hair types"

Long story short, I finally found a place that had miniature golden doodles for sale in Missouri and convinced my dear husband that we had to go get one TODAY and my begging won out! So we left that afternoon and drove to Neveda, MO. The whole way I'm babbling out road signs that would be great names for our puppy. We were laughing about how we should just name her after the highway we were driving on when we saw the sign saying Neveda, MO on it... VEDA! What a great name.

Enter Veda.

Night One:
We put Veda in our dog crate in the car to run inside of walmart to grab her a few necessary items-seriously run in was not an understatement, I'm talking maybe 10 minutes. We come outside and she has pooped ALL over her kennel and somehow managed to get it outside of her kennel as well.. This should have been a hint of what was to come.