Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tribute to the Hollands and the Edwards :)

"How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to." -Unknown

This is the boat Tanner and I have been in the last couple of weeks. Over the past year and a half Tanner and I have made some of the closest friendships I have ever had. We have both found life long relationships with dear friends that we had to say goodbye to way too soon! We spent our last year building close relationships through ministry and just through our every day contact with these friends. Katie and Levi Holland and Jake and Jenni EDWARDS! (so pumped about this marriage!) both recently moved away for ministerial positions all over the country. Katie and Levi were within walking distance to us and we spent countless nights just hanging around at each others houses. They had become an everyday part of our lives and frankly had become our family. Katie was my go-to girl with just about every newlywed question I had. We even miss their crazy dog! Jake and Jenni taught us how to see the positive in any situation--and if something seemed hard or boring just sing about it! (Even if it is in a strange off-key harmony) Both couples challenged us in our faith and gave us such a sense of the community of Christ. These times with these close friends will always be held close in our newlywed hearts and will not be forgotten.

We are so thankful for the times we spent all living in Kansas City together, and are excited for this new chapter of life for both of them! It is hard to say goodbye to people who are so loved by us, but we could not be happier for them. Pros and Cons ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

just being married...

Earlier this week Tanner went to Omaha, NE for our church jr. high mission trip. While he was gone I decided it was time to get a few of my major projects done that I have been meaning to do since before we were even married! I made myself a list and was so excited to finally get things done! On the top of my list was to stencil the back wall in our bedroom. I called my best friend Amanda ( over and we spent the evening stenciling and making pizza. I am really happy with how it turned out!

Of course now I am needing to finish the last few other touches to complete the room---soon to come will be our house pictures! (that is if we ever finish all the rooms!)
I also made Tanner a chocolate chip cheesecake for a little coming home treat. It was my first attempt at that specific recipe and it was definitely a success!

When he got home we had two different date nights to see "Toy Story 3", and "Eclipse"--two movies that i have been wanting to see for a long time! Tanner was not very excited about the new Twilight movie, he just doesn't understand...maybe if he read the books..... and of course we both LOVED Toy Story 3 and since then my favorite stuffed animal from my childhood has been sharing our bed...I don't want it to feel neglected you know??

Yesterday after church Tanner and I spent the afternoon at Cabelas returning a fire pit that we had gotten as a gift over six months ago. We had set it up in our backyard at the beginning of summer with the cover on it and when we took the cover off to use it found it filled with water and rusted out. We called Cabelas and asked if they would replace it even though we had no reciept and it was not in inventory anymore and they ended up graciously exchanging it for a completely different style than before. I was really unsure of the style at first--it was a little too woodsy for me, but now i think it will be fun to have something a little different... what do you think?

(Our actual firepit is black, not the clay color that is shown in the picture)

We just really have fun together..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

you used what?

A few weeks ago I came across an article for celery painting... apparently when you cut carefully across the stock base of celery it becomes a very cool looking stamp! I fell in love with this idea and thought i would give it a shot myself... here is how it turned out!

-Shown below is the celery stock dipped in paint and ready to begin!

I used butcher paper here, but it can also be a great way to recycle brown paper sacks!

-Besides making wrapping paper the stamp can be used for gift cards and tags as well!

-Here is the finished project! This was an easy way to spice up some plain brown butcher paper!

-As you can see on my gift tag i added a few clothespin magnets--these are easy to make and a great way to add some fun to your refrigerator!

-ironic that on my fridge in the midst of all the mess it says simplify...

...maybe someday :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

marriage in a far

I have decided after sitting staring at the computer screen for the last thirty minutes that writing is really not my forte. I tried and tried to think of a clever way to enter the blog world, and after much contemplation came up with absolutely nothing...So, this may not be beautiful, or witty or even correct grammar, but what I can tell you is, this blog will be me. I wanted to create a blog to let people in on a glimpse of my life.

This past year and a half has held more surprises and promises than ever before in my life. I have officially ended the chapter labeled childhood and passed on into adulthood in a blink of an eye. (and honestly, still don't feel anything like an adult) here are a few things i have learned in the past 6 months as the new MRS. Stevens--in bullet form of course ;)

-road trips are way more fun when you are married
-don't EVER say chipotle, unless you plan on going there the minute that you utter the word
-when you need something when you are married you can't just say "we should register for that" ...that is a once in a lifetime opportunity
-don't take the wrong shuttle into Cancun...(passing the sign that says "Zona Hotelera" means oh crap..)
-even when it seems as if Tanner is not listening, he will end up repeating my words back verbatim....
-organization really is a must in a house
-even when you grow up your parents will still always feed you...(thank goodness when we are out of groceries!)
-pretty much every night of marriage feels a little bit like a sleepover with your best friend
-every time the house is "finished" I find a new reason to redecorate :)
-when Tanner leaves the house I really don't know how to work our tv.
-our adorable little home always manages to only retain the worst scents in the house causing me to frantically run through the house lighting candles
-laundry is the root of all evil
-cooking is fun and delicious, doing dishes is the opposite

Quick overview i know...but being married has been such a fun and interesting experience and I love every stinkin' second of it!

and also.... My brother and sister-in-law are pregnant!

hello baby gap! -sorry tanner ;)