Thursday, July 8, 2010

marriage in a far

I have decided after sitting staring at the computer screen for the last thirty minutes that writing is really not my forte. I tried and tried to think of a clever way to enter the blog world, and after much contemplation came up with absolutely nothing...So, this may not be beautiful, or witty or even correct grammar, but what I can tell you is, this blog will be me. I wanted to create a blog to let people in on a glimpse of my life.

This past year and a half has held more surprises and promises than ever before in my life. I have officially ended the chapter labeled childhood and passed on into adulthood in a blink of an eye. (and honestly, still don't feel anything like an adult) here are a few things i have learned in the past 6 months as the new MRS. Stevens--in bullet form of course ;)

-road trips are way more fun when you are married
-don't EVER say chipotle, unless you plan on going there the minute that you utter the word
-when you need something when you are married you can't just say "we should register for that" ...that is a once in a lifetime opportunity
-don't take the wrong shuttle into Cancun...(passing the sign that says "Zona Hotelera" means oh crap..)
-even when it seems as if Tanner is not listening, he will end up repeating my words back verbatim....
-organization really is a must in a house
-even when you grow up your parents will still always feed you...(thank goodness when we are out of groceries!)
-pretty much every night of marriage feels a little bit like a sleepover with your best friend
-every time the house is "finished" I find a new reason to redecorate :)
-when Tanner leaves the house I really don't know how to work our tv.
-our adorable little home always manages to only retain the worst scents in the house causing me to frantically run through the house lighting candles
-laundry is the root of all evil
-cooking is fun and delicious, doing dishes is the opposite

Quick overview i know...but being married has been such a fun and interesting experience and I love every stinkin' second of it!

and also.... My brother and sister-in-law are pregnant!

hello baby gap! -sorry tanner ;)

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  1. you did it!! and i LOVE it! i'm so excited to follow you on here.

    and i can relate to so many of those things you have learned. marriage is wonderful.