Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Carpenter's Hands

A Carpenter’s Hands
My Grandfather’s hands were made of steel, a carpenter’s hands indeed,
Never wanting anything, never an ounce or hint of greed.
He worked for hours pouring his heart into each and every assignment,
Making sure everything was always in the right alignment.

Those hands so strong and steady were used with love and care,
He built with compassion, and always meant to share.
Finding just the right material to complete his every task,
Always giving his humble advice to anyone who’d ask.

Those hands so strong and steady were used for many things,
Not only to build worldly possessions, but to give his life to the King.
My Grandpa never hesitated to get down on his knees in prayer,
He folded those hands and prayed with unending care.

Those hands so strong and steady held on to his dear wife,
They prayed together, and built a God-centered family and life.
Those precious hands so loving and kind, yet rough with life and ware,
Were used for greater things, hands like these are rare.

Those hands so strong and steady gave endlessly to those in need,
With a smile and a prayer he chose to live unselfishly, indeed.
A legacy of love he has left behind to live,
And we will remember forever all that he had to give.

Those hands so strong and steady remind me of my Jesus,
Grandpa showed us all how to live and now he can’t wait to see us.
For he is up in heaven building homes for all,
He is building them with Jesus, for he’s a carpenter after all!

We love you Grandpa!

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  1. Liz this is so special....he sounds like a wonderful person. Love you.