Monday, August 9, 2010

Creme brulee, and birthday celebrations!

A couple weeks ago Tanner and I had a few of our friends over to try making creme brulee. Tanner has been wanting to make it since the day we got the set. (of course because it takes a torch to make it!) He took on the challenge of making them himself! We did not realize until halfway through that creme brulee is a very involved and long process and should probably not be made in the same evening that you are planning on eating them. We laughed and learned though and he did a great job!

Tanner's Birthday was this past weekend! We celebrated together on Friday night by going to P.F. Changs on the plaza! He had never been there so it was fun to get to go somewhere new! We celebrated his birthday with our friends on Sunday afternoon and evening grilling out, swimming, and making homemade ice cream. It was a fun way to celebrate and get together without dying of a heat stroke in this crazy weather! Here are a few picture highlights from the weekend!

Also, say hello to Rev. Tanner Stevens. My newly licensed pastor:)

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